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Designing packaging molds for a sustainable future

In the context of the ongoing debate about plastics packaging and sustainability, the role of mold makers and machine tool providers and their responsibility are evolving. Their challenge consists in adapting product design and production to new materials and changed consumer behavior.

Injection mold manufacturing is a key pillar to achieve sustainable packaging solutions by collectively addressing plastic materials, product design and manufacturing technologies

Packaging Megatrends driving innovation:

  • Product reusability
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Consumer consciousness
  • Manufacturing efficiency
  • Heightened product preservation

GF Machining Solutions is an environmentally conscious organization with sustainability and innovation earmarked as core pillars for its future strategic growth. 

GF Machining Solutions' technologies Milling, EDM, Laser, Additive Manufacturing, Automation and Digital Solutions help manufacturers  achieve:

  • Higher productivity
  • Control of manufacturing time 
  • Lower cost per part 

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