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Sustainable Solution with LASER S 2500 U

GF Machining Solutions sets a new milestone for the automotive segment: an advanced state-of-the-art Laser technology adopting the "Design Thinking" approach and developed together with industrial experts such as Reichle Technologiezentrum GmbH, Europe's largest service provider in the area of laser texturing, based in Bissingen/Teck (Germany). Rigorous testing has confirmed the realization of new design possibilities achieving perfect replication on final parts. This is needed for new mobility branding features for New Energy Vehicles requiring functional surfaces.

Quotes from our test customer Reichle Technologiezentrum GmbH

"The LASER S 2500 U is the fastest and most accurate machine for medium to large molds"

"It achieves the same accuracy and has the same features as existing LASER S machines with Flexipulse Laser sources and all software functionalities, but is now also suited for molds larger than 800 mm"

Testimonial video of Reichle Technologiezentrum GmbH

Marco Reichle, CEO of Reichle Technologiezentrum GmbH, speaks to us of his experience with the new AgieCharmilles LASER S 2500 U.



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