GF Machining Solutions sets a new milestone for the automotive segment: an advanced state-of-the-art Laser technology adopting the "Design Thinking" approach and developed together with industrial experts such as Reichle Technologiezentrum GmbH, Europe's largest service provider in the area of laser texturing, based in Bissingen/Teck (Germany). Rigorous testing has confirmed the realization of new design possibilities achieving perfect replication on final parts. This is needed for new mobility branding features for New Energy Vehicles requiring functional surfaces.

Automotive OEMs facing short product life cycles push the need to reach faster to market. The stringent regulations to reach safety, emission and mileage norms, combined with advanced mobility moving from self-driving to autonomous driving, are key trends, making the advancement to realize functional features in the interior and exterior modules necessary.

Sustainability is a common goal for Automotive OEMs, so in consequence, its supply chains are expected to reach European Union's "Green Norms". GF Machining Solutions has created a sustainability logo which will help manufacturers identify the sustainable qualities of the machines.

Automotive OEMs and mold makers need to achieve high-quality fine textures and be able to provide stable productivity, quality and perfect replication of designed features. The overall cost and reducing the number of inserts and assembly steps are key to remaining economical and reaching market faster. Large molds with 8 to 10 tons require a close approach to critical profiles and narrow cavities to realize features on a part with a replication rate close to 100%.

Fastest cycle time without compromising quality

GF Machining Solutions AgieCharmilles LASER S 2500 U is designed and tested to answer upcoming trends in New Mobility. The table can take 10 tons with a wider day light to handle large size molds, like dashboards and door trims, enabling easy handling of parts for a quick set-up. The monobloc tri gantry design and thermo-stabilized motors ensure the highest graining quality over the years. Low power consumption and a 100% digital process enable fastest cycle time without compromising quality.

The AgieCharmilles LASER S 2500 U answers to new geometrical demands while enabling customers to control the costs per part. Its layout is adaptable to the factory and it offers innovative features such as the UV tool path. In addition, adapting to the needs of Industry 4.0, the machine can be monitored around the clock thanks to advanced data monitoring capabilities. GF Machining Solutions detailed tests before the launch, both internally and with customers, prove end users quickly reaching full production levels. Direct texturing on mold supports the use of recycled plastics which are able to achieve perfect replication rates while supporting sustainable productivity.

Design Thinking approach for perfect solutions

Venkat Ramaswamy, Automotive Business Segment Manager, conveys that the Design Thinking approach of GF Machining Solutions and working together with end users is critical to understanding the pain points and the trends, to provide perfect solutions. The AgieCharmilles LASER S 2500 U will help Automotive OEMs to discover new possibilities to achieve highest branding scores and stay ahead in this volatile and competitive market. Ramaswamy is confident that these developments will empower OEMs and mold makers to be efficient getting their products to market faster.

Closeup photo of car interiors. Shallow DOF

Quotes from our test customer Reichle Technologiezentrum GmbH

"The LASER S 2500 U is the fastest and most accurate machine for medium to large molds"

"It achieves the same accuracy and has the same features as existing LASER S machines with Flexipulse Laser sources and all software functionalities, but is now also suited for molds larger than 800 mm"

Testimonial video of Reichle Technologiezentrum GmbH

Marco Reichle, CEO of Reichle Technologiezentrum GmbH, speaks to us of his experience with the new AgieCharmilles LASER S 2500 U.



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