With the FORM X 600, application success is programmable at the touch of a finger, making it the perfect machine for microelectronics, telecommunications, medical devices, connectors and optical systems. It delivers positioning accuracy within 1μm and general machining accuracy on the workpiece down to 5μm.

In this die-sinking machine of the FORM X series, GF Machining Solutions has mastered every detail, from the generator components and the human-machine Interface (HMI) to the numerical control, mechanical concept and Automation. The unparalleled performance of the FORM X 600 ensures a new degree in competitiveness due to their simplification and Automation of the highly technical processes around the production of molds and components.

With the FORM X 600, application success is programmable at the touch of a finger. This ease of use is especially important in microelectronics, telecommunications, medical devices, connectors and optical systems.

Easy to learn and easy to use: die-sinking with the AC FORM HMI

The ergonomics of GF Machining Solutions’ AC FORM HMI put customers in the driver’s seat by making die-sinking EDM intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use like never before. This provides them with a greater autonomy over their processes, higher efficiency, improved process reliability and accelerated performance. The standardized working environment makes it easy to achieve perfect machining results.

To allow the operator to adapt the remote control to the manual task, a menu is provided for configuring the icons displayed on the remote control display. This menu allows the operator to define semi-automatic movements or specific measuring cycles during the manual process – one of many AC FORM HMI features that put greater flexibility and efficiency at the operator’s fingertips.

Less sensitivity to temperature variations

The structure adopted includes a frame of polymeric material, with fixed worktable, ideal for loading heavy workpieces as well as for Automation of rapid workpiece/electrode change operations. As work area ergonomics are an important factor in productivity, this structure has been designed to allow access on three sides. The spheroidal cast iron X, Y and Z axes located in the upper part of the machine are based on highly accurate calculations in order to reduce their mass while meeting requirements in terms of rigidity, precision and dynamic conditions associated with the new performance levels of the FORM X 600. These moving parts are fully disassociated from the loading and machining area to ensure that they are not affected by variations in temperature in the erosion area nor by the extreme range in weights of the workpieces that can be accommodated by the FORM X 600.

Variation in ambient temperature and the temperature of the components of the machine can affect its static and dynamic geometry and, consequently, the quality and accuracy of the parts produced. Such aspects received careful attention in the phases of development of the FORM X range, thus allowing incorporation of innovative control and isolation solutions to make the FORM X 600 much less sensitive to these variations in temperature. Temperature stabilization is achieved by cooling the X, Y and Z glass scales and the Z axis ball screw with stable temperature dielectric. The thermal expansion of the cast iron X, Y and Z axes is compensated and absolute precision is achieved. As a result, the geometrical accuracy and positioning results are guaranteed to a high degree of certainty.

Accuracy to meet the demands of mold making

The FORM X 600 has a unique mechanical structure. The modern solution consists of a machine column made of polymer, a fixed table with an automatically lowerable work tank, which allows easy loading of heavy workpieces, as well as a modular Automation system for loading and unloading workpieces and electrodes.

With accuracy in the µm range on the workpiece, the FORM X 600 meets the high demands of mold making. Typical applications are multi-functionally designed plastic parts like webs, jaws, apertures and cavities enabling the assembly and secure mounting of electronic components.

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