GF Machining Solutions presents the latest developments in the System 3R Automation range with the launch of the robot WorkPartner 1+.

GF Machining Solutions recognises that the growing demands of the manufacturing industry must be met with increased flexibility, quality and productivity. In the long term, there is only one viable solution – automation. Automation keeps production going every day of the week and every hour of the day, resulting in shorter lead times, higher productivity and quicker payback of capital invested in machines. That is why the System 3R Automation range offers effectively proven solutions on all types of machine tools.

The first generation of WorkPartner 1+ was launched in 2012, with close to 700 units produced to date. Now it is time for the 2nd generation with even more magazine capacity, as a rotary magazine module has been added, providing great flexibility. Customers will have the possibility to choose between eight different models. By adding the rotary magazine, the magazine positions will increase, not only for one machine, but also when using two machines.

Available for several technologies and minimum floor spaces

WorkPartner 1+ is a compact unit for pallet changing, both on the machine table and in the machine spindle. It joins the highly successful WorkPal 1, Transformer – WorkMaster and Transformer 6-axis robots that have made a significant impact on the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of customers worldwide, with a quicker return on investment. The WorkPartner 1+ is intended for applications in milling machines, grinders, die-sinking EDM, wire-cutting EDM and laser machines, and it is just as effective with one-off manufacturing as with series production.

Key benefits of the new robot include front-loading, allowing for easy access for tools and workpieces, a quick installation with minimal downtime, the compilation of all functions in a single unit, integral control cabinet, drip tray, gripper storage and ID antenna, a sliding loading station available for both the heavy and rotary magazine, fast scanning of the rotary magazine and a rotary magazine available for both small and big pallets. ID and WorkshopManager can be chosen as an option.

WorkPartner 1+ is compatible with most of System 3R’s renowned reference systems and allows magazine capacity in minimum floor space. As with all System 3R products, its open architecture allows it to interconnect and serve different machines. GF Machining Solutions is the only supplier in the market that can offer such a built-in robot solution for 2-machine support and with a minimal footprint to a very competitive price. Fast scanning and loading station options on the rotary magazine are part of this 2nd generation WorkPartner 1+.

Less set-up time with modular clamping system Delphin

Delphin was developed in 2001 in order to palletize work pieces that are getting bigger and bigger. The Delphin system is a flexible and highly accurate system that adapts to the specific dimensions of a milling, die-sinking, additive manufacturing or wire-cutting EDM machine. It reduces set-up time with the highest process reliability. The principle is simple: The Delphin is made of only two parts – a chuck and a drawbar. The drawbar can be fitted directly to the workpiece or pallet, giving a very low overall height. The system is modular. The user decides the number of chucks to be mounted on each machine table, angle shelf or cube. The configuration is adapted to the specific needs of each user.

The Delphin portfolio consists of two core products: DelphinCompact and DelphinClassic. Both systems are smaller in diameter than their predecessors are, but have the same pallet interface. They can be released pneumatically or hydraulically, are rust-free and can therefore be used in wire erosion.

In 2018, the DelphinCompact chuck was presented. It combines all of the previous automation versions in one product, containing some noticeable improvements. Some angles and dimensions have been changed to ensure the highest level of process reliability. Additionally, the chuck has a smaller diameter, but the same functionality and pallet interface to increase the flexibility of use.

DelphinCompact combines all important components, such as cleaning and powerful clamping, and it is ideally suited for automatic loading by a robot. It will detect whether the system is loaded with a workpiece or pallet.

In 2021, the DelphinClassic has been launched, replacing all Delphin chucks which only have one connection channel for air. The DelphinClassic is released with one single supply line and loaded by hand or by crane. With this manageable portfolio, it is possible to increase the batch sizes and to provide support more easily. 



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