Three novelties are part of the new generation of wire-cutting Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) machines: the Intelligent Spark Protection System (ISPS), iWire and Uniqua. The feature Turbo Tech, available on the CUT C, E and P series, is a new, faster standard technology, which allows for an excellent speed-accuracy compromise.

GF Machining Solutions not only has over 60 years of experience in EDM machine building, it also shapes the future of this technology by introducing three new features made to push the limits of wire-cutting EDM. The features ISPS, iWire and Uniqua will be available among all series of the new generation of wire-cutting EDM machines, offering customers flexibility, an unbeatable speed, performance and maximum machining efficiency. Thanks to them, overall costs are lower and the environmental impact is reduced due to the lower wire consumption.

Groundbreaking Spark Track prevents wire breakage

The Spark Track platform, launched by GF Machining Solutions in 2019, has been a breakthrough in wire-cutting EDM, monitoring spark distribution along the wire. ISPS, the Intelligent Spark Protection System, is a module that optimizes the machining process to prevent wire breakage.

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iWire is a sustainable, intelligent process that permits an optimization of wire consumption. As an adaptive software module based on the Spark Track platform, it reduces the consumption of wire.

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Turbo Tech and Uniqua for increased productivity

Turbo Tech, a new standard technology that is faster than the existing speed technology on wire-cutting EDM machines, is fully compatible with the Spark Track platform. It offers an excellent speed-accuracy balance in good or bad flushing conditions, is available for all wire types and is fully integrated in Uniqua or AC Cut 2 interfaces.

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Uniqua, the new, easy-to-use unique human machine interface (HMI) for EDM machines, increases the productivity time and allows customers to decide their priorities anytime and get the best out of their machines. Ultimately, a higher flexibility can be achieved and operating costs can be reduced.

The CUT X series

The new CUT X series developed by GF Machining Solutions is suited for stamping, molding and micro-machining applications in the Electronic Components (EC), Medical and Automotive market segments. ISPS, iWire and Uniqua are available features on this series.

The new machines CUT X 350 and CUT X 500 offer higher accuracy with volumic compensation as well as higher repeatability in all conditions with thermo-stabilization and thermo-compensation. They also integrate an anti-collision system, improved threading as well as new options, namely a 3D measurement system (Renishaw probe). Smart machine functions are integrated, indispensable for today's Industry 4.0.


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