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Sustainability is an integral part of GF Machining Solutions' company strategy

GF Machining Solutions aims to become a sustainability leader. For this, it established three pillars in the new company strategy: sustainability in its product portfolio, climate and resources as well as people and well-being.

For Blaise Mahieu, Head of Quality and Sustainability, sustainability is a global approach that is much wider than just reducing energy consumption. That is why in the new company strategy, Strategy 2025, the sustainability aspect is comprised of three pillars. The first pillar, Product Portfolio, means innovating products and solutions for a sustainable lifecycle. The second pillar, Climate and Resources, translates into decoupling resource consumption from growth. The third pillar, People and Well-being, refers to the aspect of pursuing a diverse, engaging and safe work place.

Three sustainability pillars for clear objectives

GF Machining Solutions has broken down these three pillars into specific sustainability objectives.

As an example, we were able to reduce 30% of the energy consumption during manufacture on our CUT P series wire-cutting EDM machines, compared with the previous generation. Energy certificates on our machines were disclosed at EMO Milano 2021. As we believe there is room for improvement, we are targeting ourselves with saving up to 45% of energy usage by 2025, as a strong commitment to our planet and our customers looking for sustainable solutions. By 2025, we plan to offer our customers environmental benefits for all of our new products across technologies.

The sustainability aspect also requires consideration from the early design stage, regarding the machine construction itself but also the machining process. Processes with adverse effects will be replaced by more efficient, greener solutions and wherever possible, GF Machining Solutions will develop recycling processes and foster a circular economy. An example of this is the Laser technology, which can substitute chemical etching, eliminating the usage of hazardous substances. 

Regarding the second pillar of the sustainability strategy, GF Machining Solutions is also active in the reduction of resources in its facilities. On the one hand, we are carrying out diagnostics in our different locations to find opportunities for energy saving; on the other hand, we are investing in more green solutions, by securing greener electricity sources or by creating our own energy. For example, in one of our Swiss based manufacturing locations, we will be able to cover up to 15% of our electricity needs by solar energy. The ultimate target will be to achieve Co2 neutrality. Overall, GF Machining Solutions will contribute to Georg Fischer's Science Based Target Initiative (based on the Paris Agreement) with an absolute 30% reduction of its scope 1&2 emissions by the year 2026, compared to the pre-COVID base period. 

The goal of the third pillar is to create a safe work place, reduce even further the accident rate, encourage diversity, and make the company pleasant for employees and attractive for new talents. Internal initiatives involve the employees in finding sustainable solutions everyone can apply in their daily lives.

In the video below, Blaise Mahieu, Head of Quality and Sustainability, explains some core aspects of sustainability for GF Machining Solutions.

"Thanks to our efforts, we were able to save up to 30% of energy with our machines"

Blaise Mahieu on sustainability at GF Machining Solutions

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